An experienced business coach who has worked with more than 300 accountants and financial advisers across Australia and New Zealand.

Business Coach

Developed during 15 years as a business coach, Scott’s Practitioners Coaching Program provides a flexible framework by which a business growth plan can be developed and implemented to suit the needs of each individual accountant or financial adviser.

Having honed the program in a variety of senior roles within leading financial organisations, Scott now delivers it through Slipstream Coaching, an independent company he co-founded.

In his capacity as Director of Coaching, Scott is actively involved with all aspect of Slipstream Coaching’s service delivery. This includes the ongoing program development, conducting workshops and face to face coaching sessions with individual firms.


Coaching with Scott is available as follows:

Private Consulting

Where called upon, Scott provides one-on-one coaching to practitioners and executives. This can be to address particular challenges or simply to assist them to reach their potential. Typically, this incorporates astute interpretation of their ID Profile, a third party tool which assists in identifying what is required to operate at one’s best.

Over and above his group coaching, Scott also provides bespoke consulting to firms looking to address particular issues and otherwise fast track their progress.

Breakaway Program

Scott conducts a highly interactive two-day program business planning workshop for accountants and financial advisers.  If conducted in a group environment, attendance is limited to 16 firms. Alternatively, Scott also conducts this workshop exclusively with the stakeholders of an individual firm. The latter enables a more intense exploration of prevailing challenges and opportunities.

Peloton Coaching Program

This is Slipstream Coaching’s flagship program which consists of a richly textured combination of elements, all of which are designed to improve business outcomes. Participants in this Program receive the benefit of unfettered access to Scott along with the ability to access the vast array of guides, articles, slideshows, videos and tools Scott has created to enhance understanding and accelerate progress.

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