Scott Charlton

Business coach, author, consultant and director of Slipstream Coaching, Scott Charlton has been described as “a highly intelligent thinker who delivers practical and structured advice”.

Scott likes nothing better than to sit down across the desk from accounting and financial practitioners to discuss the challenges they face.



Scott is a prolific author, producing books, strategy papers, guides and articles, all dedicated to assisting accountants and financial planners in practice.
Scott’s books are Your Professional Headspace; The Bold Accountant and Partnering with Accountants.

business coach

Business Coach

Scott is a sought after business coach who works with professionals in practice – accountants, financial advisers, partners, executive managers and business owners. For these stakeholders Scott provides guidance and a proven framework for them to improve business outcomes and achieve enhanced personal success.



A former accountant in practice, Scott has coached over 300 accounting and financial planning firms in Australia and New Zealand.  This experience has positioned him as a credible commentator in matters such as FOFA, referral relationships and business growth for accounting and financial advice professionals.

Success Stories

Through Scott’s coaching process, practitioners come to appreciate that the time they invest working on their business and in recharging their own batteries is just as important as the time they devote to their clients.


Leah Oliver

With Scott’s help we have not only increased our revenue and profitability,
but we are having fun at work!

Sandra Wills

Scott challenged and broadened my thinking as a practitioner and business owner, he listened and he added value with his profound knowledge, tips and resources.

Gareth Colgan

Scott is one of those people whose enthusiasm for finding a better way is contagious.

Mark Abfalter

Scott Charlton’s coaching has made a significant impact on me both personally and professionally.

Jaeneen & Paul Cunningham

There aren’t too many moments in your business life when someone comes along and makes an impact on you like Scott did to us.

Speaking & Workshops

Scott has spoken at dozens events including conferences, workshops and panel discussions including these leading organisations.

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My first book - "Your Professional Headspace". Late last year, it passed 1,000 copies sold. That's real copies, at a genuine price - not those "giving away ebooks for next to nothing price".
It's of no concern to me that plenty of authors have sold many times more books. Rather, what does matter is that I know that just abut every one of my books has found its way into the hands of a practitioner, the target audience for whom this book was written.
Since releasing the book in 2011, I've received many heartwarming notes from readers who have expressed what the book has meant to them. I have been truly touched by these comments.
Happily, the work I am doing at Slipstream Coaching means that "Your Professional Headspace" will remain relevant for some time to come. The matters covered in the book will continue to guide practitioners and figure in my coaching conversations with them.
Various chapters in the book also formed the foundation for the "Personal Breakaway" program that I developed to help practitioners get more of what they want out of life.
Recently, I took delivery of the new edition of the Book. Not much has changed to the actual content but it was nice to add some author's notes as to what has changed in my journey since the book was first published.
Thanks for reading.
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Exciting times at Slipstream Coaching, with the addition of a new coach. Stay tuned for an announcement in coming days.... ... See MoreSee Less

WHO'S THE NEW COACH? The great reveal is next week, keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, book in a 15 minute chat to find out how you can start building your ideal financial planning firm of the future

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A sample of the resources I've developed here at Slipstream Coaching, pulled out for a discussion yesterday with a potential alliance partner. I'm pleased with how these resources have come together but as much as has been done, I'm excited by what is still on my drawing board. ... See MoreSee Less

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partnering with accountants

Partnering with Accountants

It’s a very constructed, practical guide for financial planners Michael Spinks, CEO, Collins SBA

little attention has been given to this issue that is, until now! Wayne Leggett, Principal, Paramount Wealth Management

informative insights and extremely useful practical tips ” Stephen Nicholas, Financial Adviser, Stratus Financial Group

partnering with financial planners

The BOLD Accountant

A timely and insightful read that will help accountants focus on a broader range of client needs. ” Raul Valois, Partner with Rosenfeld Kant & Co, Chartered Accountants

loved  the case study based on  A stranger in the office next door” Scott Kay, Chartered Accountant

Your Professional Headspace

Your Professional Headspace

I certainly related to a lot of the comments and the stories.Ray Miles, Fortnum Financial Advisers

The book is brilliant!Margaret Gimpel, Findlay & Co, Chartered Accountants

This book will allow advisers to re-engage with their purpose in life.” Johan Maree, financial services professional.