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Reader Reviews – The Bold Accountant

“A timely and insightful read that will help accountants focus on a broader range of client needs. The views on Collaborating with Financial Planners to service those needs was particularly useful.”
Raul Valois, Partner with Rosenfeld Kant & Co, Chartered Accountants

Hi Scott. I did the Chartered Accountants “Public Practice Certificate Course” a few weeks ago and loved  the case study based on “A stranger in the office next door”, which I note featured in your book.
Scott Kay, Chartered Accountant

As appears in the March 2013 edition of “Charter”, the journal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.)
Most accounting firms believe that they should offer financial planning services, but are uncertain about how to do so. Scott Charlton’s latest book critically and practically examines the options, from an informal referral arrangement with an arm’s length financial planner to an integrated division within the practice. The author, who is chartered accountant, does not shy away from outlining his views about what is likely to work (and not work). Importantly, Scott is open about the negative consequences of partnering with a financial planner whose professional culture and ethics are not aligned with the accounting firm. If you are reviewing your options, this book (which includes a CD toolkit with pro-forma documents) is highly recommended reading.
Robert M.C. Brown, B.Ec., FCA

I am an accountant and financial planner. I also have an accounting practice that, together with my business partners, I have been building into a multi-disciplinary financial services business for 14 years. I could not only relate to Scott’s recommendations but I wished I had the book earlier in my journey. I am sure I would have saved lots of time and frustration.  I certainly will be reviewing our business processes after reading this book.

Scott also clearly reiterated the most important reason why accountants need to consider implementing this decision which is that client’s need both accountants and financial planners to ensure they have their financial affairs adequately looked after.
Denise Gibbons – Founding Director Integrity Wealth Group

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