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Reader Reviews – Your Professional Headspace

“I want to recommend to anyone that hasn’t yet read Scott’s book Your Professional Headspace, that it is a very worthwhile read. I certainly related to a lot of the comments and the stories. This book will remain a very good reference point for all of us.”
Ray Miles, Fortnum Financial Advisers

“The book is brilliant!  It’s a comfortable read, extremely well structured and thought provoking.  I like the way that you assign the reader “tasks” to complete and the focus on finding “True North”.   You cover a comprehensive array of issues that can arise and offer insightful suggestions well supported by short case studies. Congratulations!”
Margaret Gimpel, Findlay & Co, Chartered Accountants

“Congratulations on a great book. I found it easy to read with the stories getting the message across. This book will allow advisers to re-engage with their purpose in life. I fear regulatory intervention and the challenge of change sometimes are a bridge too far for many. This book talks them through that space and allows them to have fun in the business of advice. Well done!”
Johan Maree, financial services professional

“If you want to be a better Professional, or as a Professional you feel like you are missing out, you owe it to yourself to read Scott’s book. Even one personal insight gained from his writing is simply too profound to miss out on. I gained many more than I bargained for!”
Maria Greensill, Financial Adviser

“Congratulations. You have presented rare insights about professional practitioners drawing upon your experience and observations. Well Done – A refreshing and honest appraisal of the problems that are faced by many professionals.”
Andrew Pavuk, Pavuk Legal

“A very thought provoking read. The issues and ideas raised have both challenged and inspired me. Your Professional Headspace is a resource that I am sure I will return to throughout my career.”
Mark Stewart, Integrity Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors

“Scott. I read your book over the Christmas break! Very well done and clearly lots of work. You have obviously brought your strength of helping people to the fore. It has certainly filled me with positive thoughts for 2015 – even for the first day back in the office.”
Dr Richard Brandon, Chief Scientific Officer, Immunexpress

“Scott I have literally just read your book from cover to cover and wanted to immediately pass on my congratulations to you for such an excellent read.I found myself relating to every chapter as I laid my own personal cameo over each topic. I now have a list of action points and it’s going to be a “Great Day At The Office” from now on.”
Jason Skinner, Skinner Hamilton Accountants and Business Consultants

“Scott – I have to say I really enjoyed reading your book. It is definitely one that I intend to go back over. It doesn’t do it justice to have read it through without taking some of the practical advice and actions and actually implementing them. Through the use of the case studies I think you’ve found a very effective way to deliver your message. Good stuff.”
Gareth Colgan, Sidney Lloyd Financial Advisers

“Scott’s book is well worth the read. I recommend it to any professional services business person.”
Brett Cribb, Stratus Financial Group

“Congratulations on providing a text that is interesting, relevant and readable. The numerous mini case studies were particularly illuminating.”
Bernard Hoey, Burswood Partners CPA

“Very happy to provide a testimonial – I’ve started my second read of the book…..this time with a highlighter in hand!”
Neil Macdonald, Fairway Financial Advice

“I recently finished reading your book and felt compelled to provide you with some comments. I found Your  hence, thought provoking. I’m still applying mental energy to the question posed on page 62… “What do I want my lasting legacy to be?” Scott, congratulations on the book… I’ve already planned a re-read within the next few months.”
Greg Lyons, Genesys Wealth Advisers

“I finished your book recently and I really enjoyed it. It’s an easy read – simple, yet powerful concepts.  Congratulations!”
Tina Zawila, CEO, Sothertons Chartered Accountants Gladstone

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