Where are they now

To read about business owners who have worked closely with Scott and implemented his proven strategies that underpin his coaching program, please read these stories of success:

John Fitzgerald Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

John Fitzgerald first engaged Scott Charlton as an accountant in the mid-80s. Back then, John’s business was still in its infancy and he was operating as a sole trader. Later, Scott’s role morphed into that of business coach and mentor…

Heart Financial Planners

Heart Financial Planners

As a small business owner and father of six, Stu was working seven days a week and had precious little time or energy to chart a course to business expansion…

New Age Solutions Steve Bakker

New Age Solutions

Having no prior business management experience, Steve felt a significant degree of trepidation about establishing his own IT consultancy. Those initial fears were quickly allayed…

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