The Bold Accountant


Become the complete adviser your clients need you to be.



This is a helpful guide for accountants who aspire to provide more than just tax-related services to their clients. The author, Scott Charlton, has created a fascinating glimpse into your future accounting firm, based upon insights gathered from hundreds of accounting practices:

  • Why being reactive and focused on compliance services short-changes your clients
  • Systems by which you can proactively help clients to achieve financial well being
  • How financial planning can be the catalyst to providing more accounting services
  • A framework to knock the socks off a new client within 100 days of your appointment
  • Powerful suggestions about evolving into a multidisciplinary firm
  • Answers to the 21 most frequently asked questions regarding how to develop an effective financial services solution for your firm.

Filled with practical suggestions, case studies and action items, The Bold Accountant provides a tremendously helpful road map by which you can create an extraordinary accounting firm.

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