Scott’s world is one where enormous
possibilities abound, shaped by a deep sense
of purpose.


Be it in a business environment or in other aspects of his life Scott believes very strongly in walking the talk. His personal mission is helping others achieve their potential, a thread that weaves through the fabric of his interactions and the many projects he undertakes in and outside of work.

Scott’s coaching is characterised by the candour of his message and the enthusiasm with which he operates. He can be relied upon to introduce fresh ideas to improve the current situation and to facilitate positive outcomes for stakeholders.

The values to which Scott aspires are:

  • Fairness –  Scott defines this as giving more than one receives
  • Integrity – to be able to meet the gaze of the person in the mirror
  • Contribution – to make the world a better place for being here

Interestingly Scott’s I.D.™  is 7635 which is a profile characterised by problem solving, keeping things real and finding a better way.

Scott’s Money Personality Profile is “Owl” (related to careful consideration of strategic options), with a secondary influence “Labrador” (interested in securing good outcomes).


There are times when the leaders of organisations turn to Scott for assistance. Be it executives contemplating career choices, professionals considering exit strategies or CEOs seeking a sounding board with regard to tough decisions, Scott’s advice and insights often provide the confidence necessary for significant decisions.


Scott is particularly adept at facilitating meetings and helping to create productive collaborations. Scott’s skills are demonstrated in a variety of situations including business succession, partnership issues, mergers, referral arrangements, board meetings and business planning. A key component of Scott’s facilitation is his ability to identify the key issues to be addressed and to ensure that these are given priority.


A lifelong interest in fitness and physical performance has been the catalyst for Scott to pursue various team sports, along with windsurfing, canoeing, triathlons and weightlifting. However, the sports which have held Scott’s lifelong interest are surfing and cycling. He is a strong advocate of exercise, believing that it flows over into achievement in other areas of one’s life. Scott attributes his innate optimism to the sense of well-being emanating from being physically fit. In turn this provides Scott with a positive disposition to new opportunities.

Organised cycling events have taken Scott to various locations as diverse as Noosa, Melbourne and Europe. He has completed the Bupa people’s ride several times at the Tour Down Under, plus Melbourne’s “Round the Bay in a Day” – an outing of some 210 kilometres. He also achieved a long-held dream of riding in Tuscany in 2015, rode part of the Hawaii Ironman cycling course in 2016 and climbed up the Passo Dello Stelvio in 2017.

The yellow flag

Scott’s personal symbol is represented by the coming together of two significant elements, being the colour yellow and the flag.

Yellow is the primary colour of joy and brings out creativity, expressiveness and social strengths. Yellow produces a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness, stimulates mental activity and generates muscle energy.

Yellow is also the distinctive colour of the jersey worn by the leader of the world’s greatest bike race, the Tour de France. To wear the maillot jaune during the race is a great honour and the leader’s team will go to great lengths to assist their rider to retain the jersey. As a keen cyclist, Scott has come to appreciate the history associated with the Tour’s most significant symbol.

Flags have always been associated with leadership, direction and aspiration.

In days gone by, soldiers were guided in battle by the royal colours proudly held aloft by a standard bearer at the monarch’s side. The deep symbolism of flags continues to this day. So much can be communicated by the simple act of raising, lowering or holding a flag at half -mast. Whilst in the Queensland University Regiment, Scott participated in a parade to commemorate the changing over of the regimental colours and a ceremony to lay up the old flags in Emmanuel College Chapel.

Scott’s flag is especially suited to helping others discern direction, shaped as it is to pick up even subtle changes in prevailing elements.

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