An experienced and sought-after speaker who has presented at many industry leaders’ conferences and facilitated dozens of workshops for accountants
and financial advisers.


Scott Charlton draws on his considerable experience as an accountant, author, business owner, consultant and coach to speak candidly about the issues affecting accountants and financial advisers.

Topics include:

  • Professionals in Practice: How to have a great day at the office – Every day;
  • Referral relationships: How to develop and retain referral relationships with accountants
  • Ethics: Practical guidelines for better decisions, a stellar career and an exemplary life;
  • Overcoming the Sea of Sameness: A practical framework for making your business stand out from the crowd; and
  • How to attract more… interesting and engaging professional work; grow revenue and achieve greater business value; increase profits and take time away from business.

Scott is a conscientious presenter, ensuring he fully understands the brief to deliver lively and valuable presentations that meet organiser’s requirements.

Other topics

  • Accountants in practice
  • Accountants and the incoming FOFA regulations
  • Accountants collaborating with financial planners
  • Business coaching
  • Business coaching for professionals in practice
  • Financial planners in practice
  • Financial planners collaborating with accountants
  • Professionals in practice – their challenges, issues, lifecycle
  • Professionals in practice – marketing
  • Professionals in practice – structuring for success

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